Karate school produces winners

Students from Japan Shudokan Budo-Kai Karate School in King returned from their latest competition this past Saturday. They competed in the AAU Karate Southeast SuperRegional Championship held in Raleigh, N.C. All those who competed earned medals bringing home several Gold, Silver and Bronze. Sensei Steven Hewett is proud of his students for all the long hours of training they put in, in order to prepare for this event. The dojo’s (karate school) medal count was, 6 – Gold, 2 – Silver and 1- Bronze.

Nate Jones of Mount Airy, competed in the 7-8 year old beginner division, he’s been training for just 9 months and competed for his first time. His father, Jon Jones drives Nate from Mount Airy twice a week for private and group training. Nate, brought back Gold in Empty Hand Kata, Silver in Kobudo (Weapons) Kata, and Silver in Kumite (Sparring). Nate will be headed this July to the AAU Karate Nationals.

Zeb Mathis of King, competed in the 9 year old novice division and is continuing his run so far with a perfect Gold Medal year. Repeating his clean sweep of Gold at the AAU NC State Championships a few months ago, he had another straight win of Gold Medals in Empty Hand Kata, Kobudo (Weapons) Kata and Kumite (Sparring). Zeb, won Gold and Silver at the AAU Nationals and Jr. Olympics last year and is headed again to the Nationals in July being held in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. hoping to repeat last years wins and more.

Hugh Johnson of King, competed in the 15-17 year old Black Belt division came back with a Bronze in Weapons Kata. Hugh’s division was one of the hardest divisions to compete in this year with 15 Black Belts.

Glenn Johnson, Hugh’s father competed in the 35 & Older Adult Advanced division coming home with two Gold Medals placing in Empty Hand and Weapons Kata.

The AAU Karate SuperRegional Championship is a qualifying event for both AAU Karate Nationals and AAU Jr. Olympics. It brings athletes together from NC, SC, VA, TN who compete for the top three positions in their respective divisions. Judges for these events must go through several levels of training to ensure standards are maintained in judging the athletes not only at the state level but for national and international competitions as well. Japan Shudokan Budo-Kai is the only AAU Karate Training Facility in Stokes County. For more information check out their FaceBook page or go to www.jskd.us and follow the athletes as they, Go for the Gold!

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