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Letter to the editor

To the editor,

I put the following blog on my website and sent it out over Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I feel strongly about the cuts proposed to our library. I did not intend it as a slam to the Board. They are trying very hard to come up with a financial plan that will help this town. People need to realize that you can’t get fined forever. Sooner or later, the hammer will come down.

Negativity and blame will not help the situation. If people have good ideas, then send your suggestions to the town or go to the meeting and propose them. I don’t know if they have a suggestion box but they do have e-mail or you can put them on paper and drop them off at town hall or simply just mail it.

Let’s not turn this into a a negative political campaign. We will see enough of that in the next election.

Thanks, Debbie Ervin


Posted on June 19, 2015by Debbie

Charles H. Stone Library is the Heart and Soul of Pilot Mountain, NC. In this small town, people need to know that there is a familiar place to sit, find books and magazines to help them relax, use a computer or WiFi that they may not be able to afford. They need a place where someone will help teach them how to use a computer or cell phone, do research, apply for a job, help them to read, and encourage the children and teens to explore and strive to make their lives more productive by going to college.

It is NOT the place to decide to make major budget cuts that will impact every aspect of their operation. They can’t run full time when the town wants to cut them by more than half of their budget. It is also unfair to sell the library stock and want to use part of it to offset the town’s responsibility. That money already belongs to the library. What happens when the town wants to do the same thing next year and then there are no funds left?

The library is a safe place for people to go, get cool or warm when down on their luck, offer summer reading programs to the children (in a town that has little recreation available), off site reading to schools and other establishments, help elderly get out and about, find local newspapers, make copies, send faxes and a multitude of other things that I have not listed.

If budget is slashed, hours, services and staffing will all be reduced. You cut the heart out of the town.

Spread your budget cuts across the board. It is understood that the town finances are not in good shape and something has to be done, BUT that doesn’t mean that it should not be equitable across the board.

The PEOPLE are the town!

Deb Ervin

Pilot Mountain