Siloam News

Poplar Springs Baptist Church is having VBS this week. It will end on Friday evening.

The pastor and wife from the Siloam Baptist church are on vacation this week. The Rev. Alan Branch will be our guest speaker next Sunday.

Peggy Smith should be all better very soon. The cast will be removed from her broken elbow on Tuesday, and the pins removed. She won’t have a cast, but maybe light bandaging. And need I remind her that is not the go-ahead for yard work.

Michael and Karen have spot gardening in their back yard. Well, that is what I call it, when you select the area you want to pick from. I went to pick cucumbers, but when I got there the cukes were picked and ready to put in my car. I made 10 jars of sweet dill pickles. They’ve got corn, okra, squash, peppers and other veggies.

I won’t brag on Papa Bob’s garden this week. It needs rain. We are getting a few items.

Virgil Matthews brought me a sack filled with the prettiest squash on Sunday. And they had been washed and were ready to cook. Well, we had fried squash for lunch. Thanks to Virgil and Marie.

The youth from the Baptist Church returned from summer camp (Ridgecrest) and reported they had a great time. They will report more in early August.

Well, the blackberries and blueberries are about to call it quits. And that is good. I’ve made plenty of jam to share and the grandones are ready to spread it on the biscuit.

Well, back to the garden I go………..

Callie Smith may be reached at 336-374-2392.

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