Siloam News

Well, the garden is wet. We got a good rain shower and that meant three more cucumbers. The beans are blooming and so are the squash. We’ve actually gathered a few squash.

We have blackberries that grow along the garden fence. And I have found lots of folks who really like blackberry jam. And I like to share.

The Baptist church had VBS last week and it was very successful with total enrollment of 75.

The youth will be leaving for youth camp next Sunday. They will be going to Ridgecrest this year.

Joyce Fulk spent a night in the hospital recently. She was told that she needed to get more rest. She already knew that. Don’t we all, but just don’t plan well or something. At least that is my problem.

Peggy Smith is still having trouble with the arm she had surgery on several weeks ago. She will go back this week.

Please remember Eugene Fulk in your prayers. He is at Woltz Hospice Home in Dobson.

The choir did a beautiful patriotic cantata on Sunday. It was “Celebrate America.” Margaret Carter was the pianist and Teresa Hodges the director. They both did a fantastic job, along with the choir.

Scott Guden performed so well as narrator. The performance makes us want to love our country.

Please enjoy the Fourth of July.

Callie Smith may be reached at 336-374-2392.

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