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SILOAM — Well, Siloam got the cold temperatures! And the winds came along too. Papa Bob and the writer were really concerned about saving our beets. Since Charles Golding shared beets with us for so many years, and before he died left instructions about planting, we are trying to grow our first ones.

Well, you should have seen us late Saturday evening. It was cold and we had on winter gear. We covered all the areas with sheets and used small poles to keep them from blowing away. What an experience! I really hope the cold weather is moving on. And, yes, papa did remove the sheets early Sunday morning!

I really hope everyone remembers that Income tax time is almost here. If you can’t meet the deadline, get an extension.

Next Sunday will be Youth Sunday at our Church. The youth will be in charge of the Worship Service. The guest speaker will be Jared Rooks, founder of 33AD Ministries. Please join us.

The Siloam Extension Club met on Monday night for the regular monthly meeting. Pat was in charge and Marion presented the program.

So many folks are sick in the area. Please remember: Shelby, Kay M., Lois, and so many others who need our prayers.

Callie Smith may be reached at 336-374-2392.

By Callie Smith

For The Pilot