Seven miles of sales set for weekend

By Andy Winemiller -

SILOAM — A yard sale extending seven or more miles will occur in Siloam this weekend.

An annual event, known as the seven-mile yard sale, is on tap for Friday and Saturday. The event begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends whenever sidewalks — or yards — roll up.

Debbie Wall, who with her husband Brent owns Remember When Antiques in Mount Airy, said she has been working to make the yard sale happen for nearly two decades.

“A local church had been putting it on, but they needed to get some younger people involved. At that time we were younger,” chuckled Wall.

She said since then she and her husband have been posting flyers and advertising the event for local residents who want a chance to sell a few goods in their own front yards. The extra income garnered by residents who take part in the sale “really helps the community a great deal.”

Though the sale is generally thought to encompass the area between the Siloam Post Office and where Siloam Road intersects N.C. 268, many folks “up above” that area also choose to set up in their front yards for a sale, said Wall.

She said though some folks who were involved in the early days of the sale have died throughout the years, new property owners and relatives often fill their spots in the long line of yard sales.

According to Wall, the sale attracts people from far and wide. Folks even plan their vacations around the event.

This year space is being offered for rent in the post office parking lot for those who wish to take part in the sale but do not live along the stretch. It’s the first year for that practice, according to Wall.

Wall added the yard sale happens rain and shine, though she’s hoping for another sale under sunny skies.

By Andy Winemiller

Andy is a staff writer and may be reached at 415-4698.

Andy is a staff writer and may be reached at 415-4698.

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