Siloam News

We have been blessed again in our area with more showers of rain. It is amazing how they fall. Sometimes we get a sprinkle and the folks up the road will get a heavy shower. Then the pattern is reversed.

Mark came from Harrisburg on Saturday and helped stake the tomato plants. He did the stakes and I tied the plants. We have a long row in the garden. Just hope we have some tomatoes.

Fay Riddle has had some most delicious lettuce in her box garden. She has shared some with us and it is really good. I love the idea of sharing produce.

Well, the weekend was busy in the Siloam-Level Cross area. It was “seven mile yard-sale weekend.” Mark stated that it was “busy-busy” when he came through the area.

The Baptist Church sponsored a yard sale for the youth to raise money for their summer trip. The report was that it was a big success.

The Baptist Church will be having Vacation Bible School June 22-26. A meal will be served at 5:45 p.m. Bible School will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Mary Miller is still in Forsyth Medical Center. She is a sick lady. Many things have gone wrong and she needs our prayers.

Don Fulk will probably be home from another trip to the hospital when you read this, but he spent some time there recently. Remember Don and Joyce.

Peggy Smith had her second surgery on her elbow and should soon be out and about.

Francis Collins was back in church today. Maybe she is finally on the road to recovery.

Travis, Billy and Marie are also on that same road. They are getting “all better.”

Callie Smith may be reached at 336-374-2392.

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