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Cards drop pair of matches

PILOT MOUNTAIN — The East Surry Cardinals had extra motivation to defeat Mount Airy Thursday, hoping to become the 1 in 12-1 for the the visitors. The Cards came out strong in hopes of handing the Granite Bears their first loss of the season and had the boys in blue reeling for a while. Ultimately, the Bears overcame their rival 4-0 to advance to 13-0.

East Surry took a move out of their opponents playbook by turning the Bears’ opening kickoff into an offensive strike. Unfortunately for the Cards, Mount Airy halted the run to take control of the game. Julio Contreras was the distributor for the visiting team and moved the ball freely around the field. Contreras also took the first shot for the Bears in the opening minutes, but was unable to score.

The Cardinals were able to disrupt the Bears’ possession dominance and make runs of their own. Diego Rebollar sent the ball ahead to Chris Osario before the ball was snatched up by Jesus Valadez of Mount Airy. East Surry kept pressure on the Bears and didn’t give up any space to their opponents.

Mount Airy struggled to execute its offense in full effect due to the man-marking by East Surry on Austin Tumbarello. Despite the Cards’ containment strategy, the Bears made Cardinal keeper Ethan Casstevens work to keep a clean slate. On a foul that gave East’s Seth Lowe a yellow card, Robert Brown nearly scored for Mount Airy on a free kick from 30 yards out. Casstevens’ outstretched hand kept the game tied at 0-0.

The Bears took three corner kicks in the first half and couldn’t put the ball away. East Surry’s Anderson Alred didn’t give Tumbarello any room to breathe. Many of the Bears’ shots came from outside the 18-yard box because of the defensive strength of East in the first half. Lowe made sure his team played with a defense-first attitude and it worked for much of the half. By containing Mount Airy’s offensive weapons and taking advantage of the occasional run, East Surry stayed competitive for much of the first half.

Contreras finally put the Bears on the scoreboard in minute 35. Tumbarello escaped Alred’s pressure and used his incredible speed to break the rest of the defense. Tumbarello’s initial shot was tipped by Casstevens, but Contreras was there to finish the job. This gave the Bears a 1-0 lead coming into halftime.

The second half was back-and-forth until the sixth minute when something very strange occurred. A Gonzalo Chavez throw-in put the ball in the six-yard box amid a sea of blue and white. East Surry began celebrating and it appeared the ball was in the back of the net. Following a discussion between officials, it was determined that no player touched the ball before it went into the goal. This meant the goal did not count, as a player cannot score directly from a throw-in. The Mount Airy lead stood.

While East Surry seemed to be a step-behind on 50-50 balls, Mount Airy was still in full force. Casstevens had some impressive saves in the first few minutes, but couldn’t stop a shot from Tumbarello, giving the Bears a 2-0 lead. Having smelled blood in the water, the Bears continued their offensive flurry. This flurry turned into an all-out snowstorm, however, as East Surry didn’t record a shot in the final 30 minutes of the match.

The back line of Mount Airy stepped up in the second half and didn’t give the Cards any chance to come back. East Surry often tried to make runs up the left side of the field, but the combination of Jesus Luna and Jackson Tumbarello immediately shut it down.

The Cardinals tried to contain the Bears’ offense by playing physical defense, but it only resulted in two more yellow cards, one to Chavez and the other to Adrian Caro. The Bears also earned two more goals to put the cherry on top of their victory. Both goals saw Mount Airy attack in numbers and overwhelm their opponents. Contreras scored his second goal of the match off a rebound from Jesus Lachino. Tumbarello scored the fourth and final goal in the same fashion, this time off a Luis Osorno shot.

It was a tale of two halves that Mount Airy proved too much for East Surry. Despite key absences on offense, the Cardinals showed glimpses of promise as they fall to 4-6. East Surry was scheduled to host Bishop McGuinness on October 3.


The loss to Mount Airy came a night after a similar result in squaring off against North Surry High School.

Both East and North Surry entered the match in need of a win. The Greyhounds came into the match 4-6, having lost their last match to Surry Central. The Cardinals sat at 4-4 and had won their last two games and were seeking their first three-game winning streak of the season to lift them over .500. The game stats were similar, but North Surry led the category that counts and won 3-0.

East Surry had opportunities to score throughout the match, but failed to put the ball in the net. The Cardinals came out of the gate looking to score when Javier Ruiz intercepted the Hounds’ opening kickoff. The stout North Surry defense denied the shot attempt, which was a theme that would be prevalent in the match.

Despite an early push by East Surry, North Surry used a defense-first mentality to create runs into Cardinal territory. The Hounds were the more aggressive team and it showed immediately. Javier Vera sent a corner kick perfectly into the six-yard box of the Cardinals to be put away by Vincent Hernandez in minute five.

North Surry had opportunities to add to its lead soon after the first goal, but failed to put the ball on target. This allowed East Surry to regroup and try to get the offense going. This task was easier said than done, because even when the Cards penetrated the great wall of North Surry defense, often done on free kicks by Gonzalo Chavez, keeper Carson Draughn used his long frame to pick the ball out of the air.

East generated more offense as the half progressed, but seemed a bit slow on 50-50 balls. North had numerous hustle plays that kept them a step ahead of the Cardinals, but this occasionally came back to haunt the Hounds. Kevin Hernandez and Luke Holder both earned yellow cards in the first half for the Greyhounds.

East Surry’s team chemistry seemed to increase with the inclusion of more set-pieces in the midfield. Chris Osario and Anderson Alred facilitated ball movement, but when it came to shots, Draughn channelled his inner Dikembe Mutombo and snatched the ball up. The Greyhounds, on the other hand, had success on offense and added to their lead when Vera and Vincent Hernandez plowed through the Cardinal defense to give Joseph Rangel a quality shot on-goal.

Ultimately, it wasn’t enough for the Cards.

Julio Contreras takes aim in hopes of scoring for Mount Airy. East Surry’s Ryan Wagoner has other ideas and tries to block the shot.
https://www.pilotmountainnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/web1_1.jpgJulio Contreras takes aim in hopes of scoring for Mount Airy. East Surry’s Ryan Wagoner has other ideas and tries to block the shot. Cory Smith | The News
Ryan Sigmon blows past a Mount Airy defender in the first half of the Bears’ 4-0 win.
https://www.pilotmountainnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/web1_2.jpgRyan Sigmon blows past a Mount Airy defender in the first half of the Bears’ 4-0 win. Cory Smith | The News
Seth Lowe stops a run by Austin Tumbarello and clears the ball out of the danger zone.
https://www.pilotmountainnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/web1_4.jpgSeth Lowe stops a run by Austin Tumbarello and clears the ball out of the danger zone. Cory Smith | The News

By Cory Smith


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