Zena was her name

To the person who hit and killed a dog on Shoals Road Friday night at 7:14 p.m. I just want you to know that Zena wasn’t a dog to me.

Zena was an 8-1/2-year-old German Sheppard that was not only a super great loyal companion and fierce protector of not only me but my entire family. Zena was my best friend that was laid in my lap when she was only 37 days old and was with me all the time from that point on, which made my life easier to live each day.

I have severe OCD and some parts of my life are difficult to almost impossible to get through. Zena allowed me to live a life without fear of any kind. Zena was the first face I saw each morning and the last face I saw when I closed my eyes to sleep at night. Zena helped me to recover from a heart attack and a stroke. Zena knew what I needed before I did.

I am so heartbroken and I feel so alone without her. I don’t know how I’m going to live my life without Zena by my side. I can’t eat because she ate every meal with me. I don’t want to sleep because she’s not laying beside me. It’s really hard to drive my truck because it smells like her and she was in it 15 minutes before you hit her and changed my life, and my family’s life, forever.

When you hit Zena it may have been an unavoidable accident (I heard it happen, that’s how I know what time it happened), and for that thought my God lets me forgive you. But I do have to say to you, you could have stopped to see if there was anything you could have done to help Zena or at the very least to stop and say you were sorry.

I’m writing this for two reasons. One, in hopes that this will help me get through this some way, somehow, and second, to say I hope and pray that the next time you see a dog, cat, or any other animal crossing the road, you think that animal may be someone’s pet, best friend, or in my case, a way of life.

Dale Byerly


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