Thankful for hospice workers

To the Editor,

Mountain Valley Hospice and Palliative Care well deserves to be recognized as a valuable asset to Mount Airy and surrounding areas.

My first experience with hospice was in 1986 during the illness and death of my mother, Ailene B. Stockton.

Two Surry County hospices merged, growth has continued and families of the terminally ill are blessed with skilled, compassionate care, available to their loved ones and themselves.

For some years now I have been a hospice volunteer and I say that to urge you to think about what you could do as a hospice volunteer.

My brother, Jeff Stockton, died May 16 while in hospice care and I can never thank them enough for all that they did for him.

There’s just got to be a special place in God’s heaven for these special people.

My thank you feel so inadequate but it comes from a heart full of gratitude.

To those of you who cared for Jeff — in any way — you have truly been “Angels Among Us” and I thank you.

Sybil S. Inman

Pilot Mountain

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