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By Callie Smith - For The Pilot

SILOAM — I suppose the weather we are having is the news in every community at this time. And it is rather unusual weather. We have passed the three inch level of rain and are aiming toward the four inch mark.

Now the wind is the issue. We’re constantly looking for falling bushes and trees. We have had some strong winds in the area.

Heard recently about a man who had gotten a price for cutting down two trees. Well, the good Lord saved him some money. Both trees were caught in a heavy breeze and are now on the ground!

Sunday was a special day at the Baptist Church. We observed Homecoming. We have special music and sometimes a former pastor does the sermon. Our special musical guests were “The Journeys.” And it was a special time. Greg and Donna are the mom and dad and Ben is the son. Greg talks and Donna sings. Ben is Autistic and you should hear him pick that guitar and play the piano. I sat there spellbound and had to wipe some ‘tears of joy.’ I really think Ben is the smarter of the three! I could sit and hear him play all day long.

Having been a teacher of speech-handicapped children for many years and the mother of a visually-handicapped daughter, I kinda know what Greg and Donna are feeling, and I saw them just being a mom and dad. Thanks to the “Journeys.”

Billy Hayes was able to be back in church on Sunday. His “aches and pains” just won’t go away! Nice fella. Junior Miller is slowly improving and should be back soon.

Nephew, Rex Hardy visited our church on Sunday. Well, he grew up in the church so he sorta felt at home. And his mom and brother attend.

We also had another special guest and two of her family members in the congregation. Mrs. Josie Shore Mathis was special, because she grew up in the church a long time ago.

Grandson, Joseph had surgery at a hospital in Charlotte on Monday. Should have more knowledge of his condition very soon.

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot

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