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By Callie Smith - For The Pilot

Bonnie Poindexter is now home and getting some much needed rest she didn’t get while in the hospital. Who does get rest in the hospital? When you are being punched, probed and stuck with needles, how can you rest? Best wishes to Bonnie for a speedy recovery.

Peggy Smith is finishing up therapy with that broken arm. (And I just learned that she has been in that neat yard of hers, pulling weeds!) Since we’ve been getting rain, I’m just watching those weeds grow.

Jake Whitaker just had surgery on that injured knee and we send him our best. He is a nice young fellow and deserves a good (ball playing) knee.

I just know that all the school-age youngsters are having a blast, now that school is in session.

My oldest great-granddaughter is in kindergarten in Cabarrus County. Today is her first day, so I may have to call tonight.

Joey is watching those greens grow. And according to a neighbor, someone else is too…deer tracks right down the middle of the patch.

I was saddened last week by the death of Billy Payne at CCC. Billy was an administrator, but he was a friend to so many. I had known him for many years. He was a bit ahead of me at Dobson High School. His deceased wife, Toby, and I had been friends for many years.

We also lost Roger. He and I had become friends during the times I helped him play Bingo. He had lost his vision and I understood his frustrations since my daughter was blind since birth.

Well, some days are sad and then there are happy days. One day last week, Fay Riddle and I left CCC after Bingo and went by the Mount Airy Meat Center. Well, they were all smiles, friendly greetings and eager to serve us. We made some purchases and left. We both commented about the friendly atmosphere at the market and how that makes one want to shop there again soon.

Then we stopped by Dennis Coe’s tomato house to purchase some tomatoes. Well, Dennis was “on duty” and had his happy personality with him. We talked, laughed and purchased tomatoes. As we were leaving, Judy Flippin and her sister stopped by for tomatoes. Now, they live in Winston-Salem, but are former Surry County residents. We were thrilled to see them and got to laugh some more.

Fay and I decided that it had been a good day. And, Dennis, the salsa is made.

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot

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