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By Callie Smith - For The Pilot

And the rains came pouring down in Siloam. Now that was on Monday evening. I had picked some tomatoes earlier and Bob had gotten some peas from the pea row.

I have been canning some V-4 tomato juice and even canned some for Mark. It is so good in the wintertime.

The only things left in the garden are peas, okra and pumpkins and a few tomatoes. Now, I am almost ready to plant the greens.

The sad part about closing down the garden will be that I need to catch up on my “ironing.” Not my favorite thing to do, so I pile it up!

Well, time is passing right by….attended my 62nd high school class reunion on Saturday. And the strange part was that the folks didn’t look like they were 80 years old! But most of them were! Some of us have a few more months. And I won’t use any names!

Instead of going to the park for the annual picnic, the Baptist church had the picnic in the fellowship hall on Sunday. The youth shared stories about going to Ridgecrest for their summer retreat and then the church paid tribute to Marie Matthews. Marie had served as secretary of our church for 45 years and has recently retired.

The classes shared stories about Marie. A film clip and lots of funnies followed. She received many cards and gifts.

And then it was lunch time!

Please remember Bonnie Poindexter. She is getting some therapy in a rehab center.

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot

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