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By Callie Smith - For The Pilot

Baby Daniel Curtis Sechrest arrived on Saturday, July 25. He will be spoiled by older sister Mary and all the elders in the family. The family lives in Westfield, but Grandma Fran lives in Siloam. And grandpa, too.

Peggy has that crushed elbow all unwrapped and is getting ready to begin therapy sessions. She should be ready to work in her flowers pretty soon.

Our attendance was up at the Baptist church on Sunday. That is good. Vacation time will soon be over.

Even the pastor and his wife returned from their coastal trip.

Junior Miller had his heart machine re-installed last week (can’t spell that big word) and should be up and around real soon.

Janet Fulk is having some health problems and needs your prayers. Steve and Andrew are pretty good “Health Care Providers.”

Son Mark came up and spent a night with us. He got some beans from the garden, lots of squash from his mystery garden, and took his bread and butter pickles that mom had made for him. And mom slipped in a jar of that “most delicious” blackberry jam.

We have the nicest neighbor. She brought us a “most delicious dessert” on Saturday afternoon. It had about a million calories in each bite. It had blueberries and cream cheese plus lots of other goodies. Her name is Faye.

So many folks were added to our prayer list on Sunday. It seems that there is much illness in our area.

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot

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