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By Callie Smith - For The Pilot

SILOAM — We got over an inch of rain on Sunday afternoon in Siloam. We were happy to see it falling. Had some winds for awhile, but they didn’t last. We had had two showers during the previous week.

Well, the good Lord is still in His heavens. That rain is making those cucumbers grow. And we now have beans, corn, squash and a few tomatoes.

Our attendance was down at the Baptist Church on Sunday. That was because of all the “travelers.” Must be time to go to the coast or maybe the mountains.

Best wishes go out to Ira Wolfe. He has recently become a 90-year-old young man. Nice fellow.

Peggy Smith was able to be back in church on Sunday. Her arm is finally on the mend.

The Rev. Alan Branch did the morning service, since our pastor was vacationing. His wife, Kathy, presented some beautiful music.

The descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vestal Hamlin met on Sunday for the annual Hamlin reunion. Since it was time for Richard’s (my daddy) family to be in charge. We had it in the fellowship hall at Siloam Baptist Church. We had a good bunch, but lots of folks were on trips or vacationing. Maybe we will have more next year. I think it is so good for cousins to get together and just visit.

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot

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