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Beth, Joan, Faith and Paula recently enjoyed a weekend trip to New York City. While enjoying a Greyline Tour of the city, they got in on the Today Show, shopped at Macy’s and lots of other stores including the Hershey Store. Another highlight was a ferry ride by the Statue of Liberty. They got to enjoy lots of good food and had fun on the bus trip with H & R Tours.

The Baptist Church is having VBS this week. It will end on Saturday evening with a hot dog meal.

Brent Crissman has aged quiet a bit since I first met him. That was a long time ago. He has recently celebrated his 67th birthday. Happy birthday, Brent.

Alex Hege has recently celebrated his 14th birthday. He is a nice young man.

Mildred Adams was able to come back to church on Sunday. And she brought her sister to visit. We hope to soon see Mildred back in the choir. Mildred has been having some health problems.

Brent Justice sang a solo on Sunday at church. He accompanied himself by playing the guitar. I don’t remember the name of the song, but it was beautiful!

Junior Miller is having some repair work done on the instrument that regulates his heart. He will be an out-patient.

And now to Papa Bob’s garden. We picked our first cucumber on Monday and have had snap peas, lettuce and red potatoes. Maybe squash will be next. And I have made one batch of blackberry jam.

And the garden grows.

Great-granddaughter Evan celebrated her 2nd birthday on Sunday. From the pictures they e-mailed it appeared to be a big event.

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