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By Jane Nunn - For The Pilot

Sunday, June 12, Sammy and Janice Lawson met Tracey, Matt, Hanna and Sara Coker with Hanna’s best friend, Sidney, for quality time and good food at Cracker Barrel in Jonesville before they went back home to Georgia. Tracey is Sammy and Janice’s daughter. Tracey and Matt’s family came up from Georgia to attend a friends graduation in Mooresville. Sammy and Janice enjoyed loving on the grand children and they hugged Tracey and Matt for the great meal. Family time is good spend anywhere.

Martha Moorefield had a house full last Saturday with family visiting from Ohio and Westfield. Debbie and Jeff Kapolka, Dr. Kelsey Kapolka, Michael Kapolka, Judy Lane, Rodney Lane, Maddie Lane and Harvey Wall. The Kapolka’s took Martha to Libby Hills Restaurant for dinner before they left for Pennsylvania to visit Jeff’s Mother.

Vacation Bible school start June 25 at True Way Baptist Church. It’s an all day thing. All children are welcome.

Brown Mountain Baptist Church is have a song service on July 31. I hope you can make it.

Happy Anniversary to Mark and Betty Pendelton, Jack and Jane Nunn, Tracey and Joyce Collins and Tim and Deborah Tuttle!

Happy Birthday to: Gray Jessup, Jeff Black, Luke Manuel, Jim Blevins, Angela Spencer, Cherise Millsaps, Willie Gammons, Jennifer C. Bullins, Renee Morton, Crystal Hayden, Betty Sue N. Revelle, Michelle Freeman, Grayson Simmons, Colby Wood, Joe Cook, Mary Ellen Midkiff, Nathan Manuel, Tiffany Rogers, Dylan Robertson, Mary King, Jenny Jessup, Jerry Chilton, Cathy Watkins, Luke Mitchell, Janelly Durr and Rick Cape.

Special Prayers for Sylvia Kulanko’s Uncle Reid Durham. Sylvia is asking for prayers. He is deathly sick and they don’t know how much longer he is going to be around. He grew up in the Johnstown community and went to school at Nancy Reynolds. Reid is Lolene Vaden and Ruby Shelton’s brother.

Prayers for: Linda Holland, Wayne Tilley, Gisela Beseth, Janet Pope, Betty Boles, Kay Pell, Sandra M. Barker, Elizabeth Smith, Fronia Gravley, Peggy Manuel, Carol Bowman, Scotty Marshall, Peggy Beck, Tammy Ayers, Marion Vaden, Karen Carpenter, Betty Humphries, Stephen Fagg, Gilmer Ray Jessup, RJ Love, Elva Dearmin, Ersie McIntyre, Calvin Love, Hallie Hall, Jason Blevins, Jeff Hooker, Sue Robertson, Betty Crim, Margaret Vaden, Lolene Vaden, Thelma Taylor and Elizabeth Joyce.

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By Jane Nunn

For The Pilot

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