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SILOAM — The area around Siloam has had some showers and the gardens and flowers are showing off. And that is good. I found my first Roma tomato recently. Plants are beginning to grow and pretty soon we will have some baby squash. AND we got our first beets last week. So, folks are looking forward to having veggies to share.

And, some new residents moved into the area last week. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Edwards moved into the former Richard Johnson house on the Siloam Road. We welcome them to our community.

The youth enjoyed the Lock-in at the Armfield Civic Center recently. It was a fun time. I didn’t ask how much sleep they got!

The Baptist Church participated in a food drive recently for The Children’s Center and the Food Pantry. Lots of items will be delivered soon!

Remember the 7-mile yard sale in our community this weekend.

Son, Mark came up from Harrisburg during the weekend and did some catch-up jobs on the farm. Some bush-hogging was the main job. Weeds just grow too fast.

Lois will be home soon and I’m sure she will be glad. Bonnie is improving every day. Lots of folks in the community are suffering from the same disorder…….Old Age!

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot