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By Jane Nunn - For The Pilot

Kent and Sarah Anderson with their Boston terrier left May 2 on a camping trip in their RV. First stop was Nashville for two days. There they took a tour of downtown Nashville and went to The Grand Ole Opry to see Rascal Flatts.

From there they went to Memphis and toured Graceland. Kent, Sarah and Oscar, the dog, then traveled through each state camping at night in a different place. It was amazing to see how different the land was in every state. Sometimes they went for 100 miles before they saw a house. Deserts, large rock mountains all over, no houses. They definitely learned a lot about our country seeing state after state.

They finally arrived at The Grand Canyon. All they could say was Omg!!! Words nor pictures could describe it. It was the most beautiful thing Sarah had ever seen. So mighty, so big!

Kent, Sarah and Oscar, the dog, stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park. Amazing to see trees that had fallen and turned to stone over 200 million years ago. After a couple of days they headed back home. They did stop off at Loretta Lynn’s ranch in Tennessee to tour her house and grounds which they really enjoyed. She has a beautiful place to visit and camp if you can.

Then they went to Pigeon Forge for a few days to rest before coming home. Sarah says, “There is no place like home. Seeing other parts of the country makes you appreciate where you live.”

Rock House Ruritans would like to thank all the veterans for coming to the celebration honoring the people who died serving the country in the armed forces on Saturday, May 28. This was in honor of Memorial Day.

The Dana Hunt Leaders Save Lives Blood Drive is set for Westfield Baptist Church Fellowship Hall on Friday from 1:30 to 6 p.m. For more information and your appointment time, call 434-579-8461. Bring your photo ID.

Jack and I have decided to discontinue our cross country motorcycle trips, so we’re putting the bike up for sale. Any one interested in a 2008 Goldwing Trike ready for cross country give Jack a shout. You haven’t seen the U.S. until you have seen it from a Wing. Would appreciate you folks passing this around. Contact 336-326-7642. Phone or Tex with any questions.

Gray and Carol Bottoms celebrated 56 years of marriage on May 27. Yes, it was love at first sight.

Happy Birthday to: Danne Smith, Marty Jessup, J. K. Faries, Kelsie McGee, Taylor Mills, Rodney Lane, Beverly Love, Beverly Bennett, Rhonda McCreary, Tiffany Lawson, June Tilley, Becky Bullins, Donnie McQuinn, Michael King, Josh Francis, Sue Gentry, Jo Ann Manuel, Judy Simmons, Brenda Needham and Lee George.

Nora King has a broken wrist. She had a bicycle accident. Say some prayers for Nora. She is Ray and Linda King’s granddaughter.

Say extra prayers for Harvey and Shelby Millsap. Harvey is in the hospital.

Please keep the Libba Francis family in prayer. Her sister passed away unexpectedly. They need our prayers for strength and comfort.

Prayers for: Janet Pope, Betty Boles, Kay Pell, Sandra M. Barker, Elizabeth Smith, Fronia Gravley, Peggy Manuel, Elsie Cartwright, Roger Stevens, Carol Bowman, Scotty Marshall, Peggy Beck, Tammy Ayers, Marion Vaden, Karen Carpenter, Betty Humphries, Stephen Fagg, Gilmer Ray Jessup, RJ Love, Elva Dearmin, Ersie McIntyre, Calvin Love, Hallie Hall, Jason Blevins, Jeff Hooker, Sue Robertson, Betty Crim, Margaret Vaden, Lolene Vaden, Thelma Taylor and Elizabeth Joyce.

Jane Nunn may be reached at 336-351-6866.

By Jane Nunn

For The Pilot

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