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By Callie Smith - For The Pilot

SILOAM — First, I must correct an error I made in last week’s news. Marsha didn’t walk up to look for Melinda in the pouring down rain. Nor to Fay’s house. She was driven to both places. But, she did get soaking wet waiting for the ladies to answer their doors! At least the “soaking wet” part was right.

Miss Emma Carter celebrated her sixteenth birthday on Sunday. I didn’t learn what kind of party she had, but I hope it was a big one. You know, one with lots of friends and lots of food. She is a nice young lady.

More birthdays…….Clara Collins , Daniel Layne, Jakob Guden and Bonnie Poindexter are all celebrating birthdays this week. The two ladies must be getting on up in years!

Bonnie’s house is getting some remodeling done and the porch is going to be a show place! It looks like someone is doing a great job!

Sorry to learn of the death of Nancy Reagan. The word she brought to mind was—elegance.

Oh my, it is here again! Time to move that clock up. And you know what that means, loss of an hour of sleep.

Our family was saddened during the past week due to the loss of a son of my brother, who was also a nephew, cousin and brother to members of my family. Ken will be missed. He and my son, Mark played together as young children many, many times. Please remember us in your prayers.

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot

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