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By Callie Smith - For The Pilot

SILOAM — Siloam has been blessed with snow, sleet, rain, sunshine and fog. Now what else could we ask for? I needed all these types of weather to do all the jobs I am behind in. Well, guess what, I am still behind!

Fay Riddle and the writer volunteer at Central Continuing Care on Thursdays. When we left last week we went to Golden Living to visit Bonnie Poindexter and Roger Whitaker. We spent time with Bonnie and checked on Roger several times. He slept during our entire stay. I learned from a family member that he sat in a chair by his bed and ate some supper.

The Baptist Women observed WMU Focus Sunday at the Baptist Church. They sang some beautiful songs and shared about their participation in many activities. Their Anthem was “You Follow” and they had twenty nine ladies in the choir. They observed a short memorial for Mrs. Mary Miller. Mary was a faithful member until her death last year.

Young Miss Rachel Carter performed a beautiful piano solo. Teresa then introduced their speaker, Mrs. Darla Scott from the Shoals community. Darla shared about her Mission Trip to Ethiopia. Being a nurse, she worked in a camp clinic. She saw hunger and health needs along with her job to “comfort others.”

And then the folks went to the Fellowship Hall for a lunch of many kinds of soup. Now you know what follows that…..all kinds of desserts!

There were several guests in attendance for the morning service.

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot

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