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SILOAM — The snow is melting. The sun is shining and the temperature is rising. And that is good!

Many folks in the area are sick. Maybe the weather change will help some of the ailments disappear. Mae and Joy missed church due to illness.

On Sunday the Siloam Baptist Church Observed Baptist Men’s Day. The attendance was good. Dennis Norman presided and several of the men helped with presentations. Dennis shared many of the roles the men find themselves in during the year. If a family needs help from the group, they just need to call.

The men’s choir, consisting of twenty men then performed! And you should have heard them sing. They were good. Gary Hodges directed the men and there are some good singers in that group. I really think they should perform more than once each year.

Their speaker was unable to be there, so Gary and two of his friends performed instrumental music for the audience. They were good. The congregation closed the service by singing, “I’ll Fly Away.”

AND then the folks went to the Fellowship Hall for a spaghetti lunch!

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot