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SILOAM — Siloam got snow on Sunday! Now I’m sure no one else saw the beautiful flakes falling. Well, you would have had to look real fast because it was all gone by eleven a.m.

Several folks missed church, because it was hard to tell at nine a.m. what was going to happen. The Baptist Church had fifty in Sunday School. They didn’t have all the choir members present, so the congregation did the singing. Nothing wrong with good congregational singing!

Some folks in the area are vacationing in Florida. Some are golfing in Florida and plan to stay for quite awhile. And then we have several folks in the area who are trying to get rid of illnesses. It seems that the sore throat/sinus congestion is making its way through the area now. It is not so much fun!

The Panthers got a great deal of attention on Sunday afternoon in Siloam, and some folks even had relatives at the game! They played well.

Shane and Joleen Edmonds were honored on Saturday with a baby shower in the Fellowship Hall at Popular Springs Baptist Church. They received lots of little outfits of clothing and many,many packs of diapers. And several gift cards, so they can buy something to fit when the little fella outgrows the baby stuff. “HE” is due in February.

Enjoy the cold weather, it’s that time of the year!

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot