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By Callie Smith - For The Pilot

SILOAM — Robert White was a resident of Surry County for eighty four years, and many of those years were spent in Siloam with wife Kaye. He died November 23, 2015. He was buried November 25, at Siloam Baptist Church cemetery. Robert and Kaye were regular members of the church for many years. He will be missed.

Robert was a unique individual. He loved the outdoors. He liked to hunt and fish. But most of all he liked to garden. He loved planting seeds and then watching the plants grow. But, his greatest passion was sharing the produce from his garden.

Many mornings during the produce season, we would find bags of vegetables just outside the door. It was beets, cukes, beans, or any seasonal vegetable. Or sometimes he would call and tell me to come and pick. I wouldn’t dare pick cucumbers, because Kay makes the best pickles ever, so I just wait for the finished product.

Lots of folks were on his list of sharing or come and pick!

Robert was also known as the “sweet potato” man. He would go to a potato farm in the Dunn area every fall and bring back boxes of the best sweet potatoes. We loved the sweet potato season.

Robert loved ‘blackberry’ anything. We have berries growing around the garden fence and they are not the tame vines, so the jam and sonkers are very good. He picked some last season. I made him some jam.

He wouldn’t let me pay for my sweet potatoes this season…….just told me to pay him with blackberry jam…..he died before I got the jam to him….he will be missed….

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By Callie Smith

For The Pilot

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