Reader: No problem with illegal immigrants

To the Editor,

First, as one of those Americans, ‘who refuse to grasp, or are incapable of grasping, the harm illegal immigrants causes’, I resent being called a moron. Surely, we can have differing opinions and respect each other without name-calling.

If your Mr Joyce is correct, he surely can cite statistics confirming his allegations, such as taxes paid, percentage of crimes committed, percentage who are church-going Catholics, percentage of deadbeat fathers, number of prostitutes, etc. The numbers I have seen refute all of the above. I would further ask who Mr. Joyce suggests to do our housecleaning, nannying, yard work, construction work, along with a good bit of agricultural labor? So, yes I am incapable of understanding the harm these ‘illegals’ do. Please point it out to me.

Second, as a formerly proud American citizen, I note you are comparing the U.S. to Mexico, a country never very high in the list of progressive nations. Perhaps hypocritical, but it still hurts to see us compared unfavorably to a country with a $7,500 per capita income. I guess you don’t dare comparing us to an industrialized nation.

And third, while I do not claim to be a Christian, I was raised in a local Methodist church and have been drilled in the Bible, etc. Jesus would certainly disapprove of our position on immigrants. I know you will disagree, but use the words in red, what Jesus actually said in the New Testament to disprove that.

Fred Norman


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