Pilot to deal with nuisances, grants

By Bill Colvard - bcolvard@MtAiryNews.com

PILOT MOUNTAIN — At Monday’s meeting of the Pilot Mountain Board of Commissioners, the town will consider changes to public nuisance and animal ordinances as well as address grant proposals previously discussed in workshop meetings.

A proposed amendment to the town’s nuisance ordinance would streamline enforcement of nuisance violations characterized as “mundane nuisance ordinance violations” by town staff.

The ‘mundane’ items involved are found in Ordinance 26-1 (1)-(15) and include breeding ground for mosquitoes, rats, snakes and other pests, overgrown grass and weeds, noxious vegetation, several types of trash and junk, drainage issues, health department violations and burned/partially burned buildings.

As the rules stand now, a hearing is required for all potential violations. Under the proposed change to the ordinance, town staff would issue a notice of violation to the property owner upon discovery of one of the nuisance conditions described in the ordinance. More serious issues covered under Section 26-1 (16) would still require a more formal process including a quasi-judicial public hearing held in front of the board of commissioners.

The proposed ordinance change also makes minor changes to the penalty for violation, levying a civil penalty rather than a criminal one. Also, the town would be allowed to skip the notice requirement for repeat offenders, particularly for failing to cut grass.

Another proposed ordinance change would affect enforcement of the animal ordinance, which the town police use in the case of dogs or cats running at large and barking dogs. Current rules require a complicated procedure involving a hearing involving the town manager before the ordinance can be enforced. The amendment would require the animal owner abate or correct the problem immediately or be subject to a civil penalty of $100.

At the board’s July workshop, they discussed changes to the town’s facade grant program. Those changes are coming before the board for a vote Monday.

The grants, designed to encourage business and property owners to make improvements to their buildings, would be available to any business in Pilot Mountain, with preference given to the downtown area. Each grant is a 50/50 match with a maximum of $1,000 to each grantee. The town would award up to $1,000 in each of the first three quarters of the fiscal year, and give away any remaining funds in the fourth quarter.

A proposed new downtown revitalization grant was discussed in July’s workshop and set as a goal in a planning retreat held earlier in the year.

“The program would be eligible for building owners in the downtown area, according to information provided to commissioners by town staff.

”It would allow these property owners to get a cash grant, for five years, that is based on the increased property tax paid by the building owner following building improvements. The owner would be eligible for 100 percent of the new tax in years one and two, 75 percent in year three, 50 percent in year four, and 25 percent in year five.”

The meeting will also include:

• Comments from the public on any topic;

• A resolution to honoring retired teacher and football coach Dave Diamont;

• Participation by the town in the National Flood Insurance Program;

• Creating a capital budget for the downtown streetscape plan initially funded by a $50,000 grant from the state Department of Commerce;

• Budget Amendment 2;

• Creating a budget for street paving capital project.

Board of Commissioners meeting will be held Aug. 13 at 7 p.m. in the board room at Town Hall, 124 W. Main St.


By Bill Colvard


Reach Bill Colvard at 336-415-4699.

Reach Bill Colvard at 336-415-4699.

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