Pilot Mountain Police Reports

The following reports were filed by the Pilot Mountain Police Department in recent weeks:

• A motor vehicle collision report from Feb. 20 cites a collision between Will Howard Roberts, Greensboro, driving a 2017 Dodge owned by Directlink Logistics Inc., and Ginger Shouse Hunter, Pilot Mountain, driving a 2012 Lexus.

• A citation was issued to Brittany Marie Ellis, Creedmoor, on Feb. 21, charging her with driving while her license was revoked and displaying an expired registration plate.

• A citation was issued to James Auda Stroud, Jr., Pilot Mountain, on Feb. 22, charging him with driving while license was revoked.

• An N.C. Motor Vehicles report dated Feb. 22 cites a collision between James Auda Stroud, Pilot Mountain, driving a 2008 Kia, and Frances Lawson Collins, Pinnacle, driving a 2003 Ford owned by Riley Greene Collins.

• Roy Dale Collins, Pilot Mountain, was arrested on Feb. 22, and charged with driving a motor vehicle without having in full force and effect the financial responsibility required by G.S. 20-313, and conspiring with Alicia Michelle Atkins to commit the felony of delivering the controlled substance, methamphetamine.

• An N.C. Motor Vehicles report dated Feb. 22 cites a collision between David Randall Reynolds Jr., Pilot Mountain, driving a 2005 Chevy owned by Darla Sue Cox, and Christopher Todd Hall, Dobson, driving a 2005 Ford owned by Harvey Oliver Hall.

• Ashley Faye Scott was arrested on Feb. 22, charged with operating a vehicle while driver’s license was revoked, and for failure to return rental property, as a result of a warrant issued in Stokes County on Oct. 18, 2016, alleging failure to return a “Thomas and Friend” DVD. She was released on a written promise to appear in court.

• A Magistrate’s order was issued on Feb. 23 for the arrest of Abraya Cheyenne Cockerham, Elkin, charging her with felony possession of cocaine, and possession of drug paraphernalia, straw and smoking device to introduce into the body a controlled substance other than marijuana. An accompanying arrest report cites one count of selling/distributing tax-paid liquor.

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