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Three cadets honored at East Surry

A trio of students from the East Surry High School JROTC program has been honored for their performance after a competition for the Cadet of the Semester honors held at the school on Dec. 13.

To be able to participate the cadets must maintain an A average throughout the semester. Cadets were also graded on military bearing, appearance and execution of drill, providing “the best of the best” cadets for the competition.

A panel of judges comprised of the East Surry JROTC staff leadership inspected each cadet and asked a series of questions. Serving as judges were Cadet LTC Cassie Marquis, Cadet CSM Erik Barron, Cadet Major Josh Westmoreland, Cadet Captain Dylan McConkey and Cadet Captain Will Nichols.

Each cadet was asked a maximum of 15 questions and was scored on their individual answers in addition to how well each executed drill movements.

Winners of the Cadet of the Semester were Cadet Nicholas Lawson, Cadet Breanna Phillips and Cadet Landon Smith. Each selected cadet was promoted to their next rank. All participating cadets receive a ribbon to display on their dress uniforms.

According to East Surry JROTC Chief Wayne McCullough, all cadets were proud of their work and look forward to another great semester in JROTC.

Breanna Phillips
https://www.pilotmountainnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/web1_cadet-I.jpgBreanna Phillips
Nicholas Lawson
https://www.pilotmountainnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/web1_cadet-III.jpgNicholas Lawson
Landon Smith
https://www.pilotmountainnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/web1_cadet-II.jpgLandon Smith

By Dean Palmer

Special to the News