Homeplace to welcome ‘Summer Sensation’

By Dean Palmer - For The Pilot

ARARAT — The seventh annual “Summer Sensation” back-to-school celebration will take place on Sunday from 6 to 9 p.m. at Homeplace Recreational Park, featuring a free summer evening of food, fellowship and water fun for all.

The evening will again include the free features which have over the years helped it to draw increasingly large crowds of youths and others. Hot dogs with “all the fixings” will be served along with drinks and desserts. Christian music will be played and school supplies will be available to all with need.

Afterwards, all in attendance will be invited to the Homeplace Park pool area for swimming, with no admission charged.

This year’s host church will be Indian Grove Baptist Church. Indian Grove Pastor Frank Harmon and his wife, Amanda, have served as the event’s primary organizers since its inception.

“This is an opportunity for us to share Christ with our community,” Amanda Harmon noted. “It gives us a chance to show we love them and we care about them. And we hope it brings our community closer together.”

The event is held each year just before the start of school; allowing youths and their families a chance for one last chance for no-cost summer fun. And, in an effort to meet as many needs as possible, an assortment of school supplies will be distributed.

“I’m amazed at how this has developed over the years,” Harmon continued. “This is an annual outreach that has grown into something that our community expects and looks forward to attending. Every year Homeplace gets calls wanting to know when it’s going to be held. And everyone has a good time.”

For more information on the evening, Harmon may be reached at 410-1969 or by email at fraharm@gmail.com.

Dean Palmer may be reached at 336-351-4131 or dean.palmer8@gmail.com.

By Dean Palmer

For The Pilot

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