Police Reports

• On June 29, Darrell Martin Bruner and Buffy Bryant Inscore were involved in a vehicle collision in the McDonalds parking lot. Bruner, 30, received a traffic citation for operating a vehicle while his license was revoked. His court date is set for Aug. 17.

• Property damage was reported at Pilot Mountain Rapid Lube on Foothill Drive on June 29. A commercial vacuum cleaner received $350 in damage when struck by a vehicle.

• A vehicle collision occurred between Samuel Dale Edwards and Linda Jo Allred at Shoals Road and N.C. 268 on July 1.

• On July 2, property damage, breaking and entering, and larceny at a residential property on Sunset Drive resulting in $562 in losses were reported by Charles Cannon.

• David Justin Riggs, 25, of East Ridge Circle in Pilot Mountain, was issued a traffic citation and arrested on July 3 on charges of driving while subject to an impairing substance. The court date is set for Aug. 24.

• A traffic citation was issued to James Anthony Kirby, 36, for driving 50 in a 35 mile per hour zone on July 4. Aug. 17 is the scheduled court date.

• On July 4, Derek Wayne Alderman, 22, of Independence, Virginia, received a traffic citation for careless and reckless driving on Main Street by spinning tires and causing the vehicle to turn sideways during the monthly cruise-in. He is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 21.

• A vehicle collision occurred on South Key Street near U.S. 52 between Miranda Stevens and George Austin on July 4.

• Elia Castillo Cabrera, 33, was issued a traffic citation on July 4 on charges of driving without being licensed. Court is set for Aug. 7.

• On July 5, a traffic citation was issued to Amanda Hazelwood Fosner, of Westfield, for having an expired registration and vehicle inspection.

• Jose Martin Hernandez received a traffic citation on July 5 for driving with an expired vehicle registration.

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