County board approves school roof funding

By Andy Winemiller -

DOBSON — County commissioners paved the way for roofing projects at two county schools.

On Jan. 17 the Surry County Board of Commissioners voted 4-1 to allow Surry County Schools to divert leftover funds from two roof projects to two smaller projects of the same nature.

According to correspondence from superintendent Dr. Travis Reeves, the county board allocated $121,000 to replace multiple canopy roofs at Gentry Middle School. However, the lowest bid for the project, from Allied Roofing, came in at $107,275.

Likewise, the county allocated $292,000 for a roofing project at North Surry High School. The project will replace the roof on one wing of the school, according to Reeves’s letter. Allied Roofing offered the lowest bid on that project too, at $240,530.

With bids accepted at less than the estimated project cost and dollars allocated at the estimated cost for the projects, an overage in funds of $65,195 existed.

Reeves, by way of his letter, asked commissioners for permission to use the funds for two smaller roofing projects — roofs on the boiler room at Copeland Elementary and on the gymnasium locker room area at Mountain Park Elementary. The project at Mountain Park is estimated to cost $25,000, and the one at Copeland is estimated to cost $34,000.

Though a majority of commissioners approved the re-allocation of funds, the lone dissenter voiced his reasoning prior to the board entering a closed session.

“It’s not the way I like to do business,” said Commissioner Buck Golding.

Golding explained he believed all unused funds the board allocated ought to be returned to the county, and commissioners should then weigh the additional projects against other manners in which the funds could be used.

The county board also voted to approve a new lease agreement with the Yadkin Valley Economic Development District Inc. (YVEDDI) for the use of the L.H. Jones Family Resources Center in Mount Airy.

According to County Attorney Ed Woltz, the agreement is similar to what has been in place in the past. However, it includes language regarding YVEDDI sub-leasing any portion of the building. For instance, any organization to which YVEDDI leases a portion of the building is required to maintain liability insurance.

The board also approved four re-zoning requests at its most recent meeting. Following public hearings in which nobody spoke, commissioners unanimously approved re-zoning requests at 4432 West Pine Street, 383 Kapps Mill Road, 2272 Thurmond Road and a parcel on C.C. Camp Road adjacent to the Elkin Municipal Airport.

By Andy Winemiller

Andy is a staff writer and may be reached at 415-4698.

Andy is a staff writer and may be reached at 415-4698.

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