South Westfield Community Day is Saturday

Dean Palmer - Special to the News

The South Westfield Ruritan Club will host its annual Community Day on Saturday afternoon from 5-8 p.m. at the South Westfield Community Building on Cook School Road.

“This is a time to show our appreciation to the community,” explained South Westfield Ruritan Club President James Jessup, “a token of thanks for the support they’ve shown throughout the previous year. This community can always be counted on to show support when we reach out. This is our annual day of saying thank you.”

Hamburgers, hot dogs and homemade ice cream will be served throughout the event, with no charge and no donations requested.

Jessup described Ruritan as a national organization dedicated to “improving communities and building a better America through fellowship, goodwill and community service.”

The South Westfield Ruritan Club was chartered on February 23, 1962. The club has about 20 active members.

“This club has a rich history,” Jessup noted, “with almost 55 years of service to the South Westfield community and its residents.

“I don’t remember exactly when roadside clean-up along Cook School Road began but I remember picking up trash with my family and other Ruritan family members when I was very young. The club has also reached out to many families over the years, using benefit fundraisers to help those who were suffering from illnesses.”

“Sadly,” he continued, “there now seems to be little proclivity for community involvement. With the rise of social media, people seem to be as connected as ever without leaving their homes. But our communities suffer. We’re hoping that others will be interested in becoming a part of our organization. If our club’s membership is not sustained, we will lose our charter and the club will fade into history. This will leave a deep void of service in our community.”

All community residents are invited to come out on Saturday to join in a free community cook-out as part of an evening of fun and fellowship. For more information on the South Westfield Ruritan Club, please visit their facebook page at

Dean Palmer

Special to the News

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