Hydrant testing maintains insurance rating

Glen Stanley and Andrew Hall test and assess the fire hydrant at the corner of Main Street and Depot Street.

PILOT MOUNTAIN — Over the next month, hydrants throughout Pilot Mountain will be flushed and tested by contractors for the Pilot Knob Volunteer Fire Department.

Contractor Glen Stanley explained that the annual procedure measures pressure and volume as well as flushing the system for improved performance.

“We have the readings from last time, so we will know immediately if there is a problem,” Stanley said.

Once the testing is complete, the hydrants will be color coded to indicate water pressure. The colors will allow firefighters to quickly assess which hydrants to use during an emergency, according to Stanley.

Using this whole system approach allows the fire department to be alerted to any hydrants with damage.

According to Derick Manuel, Pilot Knob fire chief, the completed report also will allow the fire district to maintain its fire insurance rating of five inside Pilot Mountain corporate limits, and six outside the town limits.

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