Surry County School Menu

Surry County Schools menus for June 10-12

Elementary/middle school

Breakfast: fruit available daily, 100 percent juice, skim and one percent milk offered daily. Lunch: Boxed salads, rainbow salads, yogurt and PBJ offered daily in addition to the menu.

WG – whole grain; LF – low fat; GLL – green leafy lettuce; RF – reduced fat; C or P – cheese or pepperoni


Wednesday: Steak biscuit.

Thursday: IW breakfast pizza.

Friday: Sausage biscuit.

Monday: Summer vacation.


Wednesday: Stuffed crust pizza, school choice, crispy potato tots, baby carrots with LF dip, veggie pasta salad, apple wedges, cherry cobbler.

Thursday: Chicken tenders and WG roll, school choice, glazed sweet potatoes, broccoli with LF cheese sauce, black bean salsa with WG chips, red grapes, diced pears.

Friday: Early dismissal for summer break.

High school

Breakfast: Assorted hot biscuits, 100 percent juice and low-fat milk offered daily. Lunch: fresh salads, yogurt, yogurt parfaits and PBJ offered daily.


Wednesday: School choice menu.

Thursday: School choice menu.

Friday: Early dismissal for summer break.

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