Surry County School Menu

Surry County Schools menus for Feb. 10-16

Elementary/middle school

Breakfast: fruit available daily, 100 percent juice, skim and one percent milk offered daily. Lunch: Boxed salads, rainbow salads, yogurt and PBJ offered daily in addition to the menu.

WG – whole grain; LF – low fat; GLL – green leafy lettuce; RF – reduced fat; C or P – cheese or pepperoni


Wednesday: Pilsbury berry French toast

Thursday: Breakfast pizza

Friday: Chicken biscuit

Monday: WG Cherry Frudel

Tuesday: Breakfast pizza


Wednesday: Chicken and cheese quesadilla, hamburger or cheeseburger, crispy potato wedges, broccoli with cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, blueberry crisp, apple wedges.

Thursday: Baked spaghetti, Italian bread stick, chicken fillet sandwich, crisp corn, Caesar salad, frozen juice sorbet, petite banana.

Friday: Beef vegetable soup, toasted cheese sandwich, corn dog, baked potato smiles, fresh veggie sticks, LF ranch, chilled pears, mandarin oranges.

Monday: Stuffed crust pizza, grilled chicken breast salad, baked potato, veggie pasta salad, baby carrots, ranch dip, cinnamon baked apples, strawberry cup.

Tuesday: Country style steak with gravy, WG roll, chicken fillet sandwich, mashed potatoes, gravy, green peas, fruity jello with creme, tangerine.

High school

Breakfast: Assorted hot biscuits, 100 percent juice and low-fat milk offered daily. Lunch: boxed salads, yogurt, yogurt and PBJ offered daily.


Wednesday: Supreme pizza, chicken nuggets, roll, rib bq on WG sub roll, pickles, crunchy Carolina coleslaw, crispy French fries, Caesar salad, baked beans, cinnamon baked apples, fruity jello cup with pears.

Thursday: Classic Tony’s pizza, cold sub bar including fresh baked bread, baked crispy potato tots, baked potato, fresh veggies, LF ranch dip, strawberry applesauce, cherry cobbler.

Friday: Bosco sticks, marinara, chicken pie, WG roll, chicken fillet sandwich, mashed potatoes, seasoned green beans, garden salad, potato wedges, petite banana, grapes.

Monday: Stuffed crust pizza, crispy baked chicken, WG roll, bacon cheese burger, roasted red bliss potatoes, potato tots, broccoli with cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, applesauce cup, fresh fruit.

Tuesday: Cheese French bread, marinara, Carolina BBQ sandwich, club wrap, macaroni and cheese side, baked beans, potato wedges, garden salad, tangerine, apple wedges.

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