Local trooper recognized for aiding motorist

Surry County Highway Trooper Patrick E. Ellis was among more than a dozen troopers statewide recognized in a awards in a ceremony held recently.

Ellis received the Highway Patrol Samaritan Award from Col. Bill Grey, commander of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and Frank L. Perry, Secretary of the Department of Public Safety, for aid he rendered to a motorist earlier this year.

That happened on Sept. 19, when Ellis was on patrol on Westfield Road in Surry County, stopping a vehicle on a speeding violation.

“As Trooper Ellis was completing a citation for the violation, the vehicle’s passenger alerted Trooper Ellis that the driver was experiencing what he thought was a seizure,” according to information supplied by the Highway Patrol.

Ellis returned to the car where he found driver Michael Green unresponsive.

“Trooper Ellis quickly assessed that the driver was in a medical crisis….contacted State Highway Patrol Communications and requested that Surry County EMS respond to the scene,” the Highway Patrol statement said.

Ellis removed Green from his vehicle and, upon determining that he was not conscious nor breathing administered CPR on until EMS units arrived five minutes later. At that time, paramedics used a defibulator and continued CPR on Green while transporting him to the hospital.

Highway Patrol officials said they later learned from Surry County Emergency Services Director John Shelton that Green had sustained a heart attack but was alive and doing well thanks to Ellis’s “quick and appropriate action.”

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