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Lola Lane Sewage pipes to be repaired, deemed an emergency

PILOT MOUNTAIN — A sewer line on Lola Lane was deemed by town officials to be in need of emergency repair, which is likely to cost the town nearly $100,000 — if not more — to repair.

The sewer crossing was discovered to have been in need of repair at least three years ago according to Commissioner Gary Bell. The issues arose again when the town hired McGill Associates Consulting Engineering to perform an Asset Management Plan.

Town Manager Michael Boaz explained that upon the inspection of the sewer lines the aerial sewer crossing at Lola Lane was said to need immediate attention.

During Monday’s meeting Boaz asked the board for permission to have McGill draw up some basic specifications that can be used to send to contractors, and allow them the opportunity to bid on the project.

“I expected the job to be anywhere from $68,000 to $125,00,” stated Boaz.

The money for the project would typically only be allowed to come from the water and sewer fund.

However, due to the state of urgency, the town will be allowed to pay for the repair out of the general fund.

“It’s not ideal but given the circumstances, we probably shouldn’t wait,” claimed Boaz.

“This has been a pressing issue for years,” stated Commissioner Bell.

Ed Woltz, town attorney, also raised his concerns over the amount of time the sewer lines have been exposed.

“This is something that needs to be addressed,” stated Woltz.

Commissioner Bell questioned if the costs for the repair could be recovered from owners of the property at Lola Lane.

In March the pond at Lola Lane was declared a nuisance after the dam there burst, leaving the pond bed mostly dry. The pond was deemed to be violating at least four points of the Town’s nuisance ordinance.

For years the pond’s drainage system has not be operable, according to Commissioner Bell.

“Could this have caused the erosion around the pipes,” questioned Bell.

Woltz, advised that it was a possibility and that the commissioners approve the motion, allowing Boaz to gather further specifications.

Once the town has further information regarding the cause of, “We can discuss any further actions against the property owners, if need be,” stated Woltz.

The Pilot Mountain Board of Commissioners discuss the options for the exposed Lola Lane sewage pipes.
https://www.pilotmountainnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/web1_IMG_1846.jpgThe Pilot Mountain Board of Commissioners discuss the options for the exposed Lola Lane sewage pipes.
Lola Lane sewage pipes exposed

By Eva Winemiller

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