The town of Pilot Mountain will not demolish the dwelling at 121 Howard Street

Town extend’s grace period to property owners

By Eva Winemiller -

The dwelling at 121 Howard Street

PILOT MOUNTAIN — Property owners are requesting more time after the town’s Board of Commissioners voted to demolish their property on Howard Street during a February meeting.

On Feb. 13 the Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a measure authorizing the town to demolish a home violating the town’s house code at 121 Howard Street.

At the time of the decision, according to officials, the town had been trying for months to notify the owners that the property was in violation of the town’s housing code.

However, no response was received.

Town Manager Michael Boaz said the property owners had moved from their last known address in Greensboro and had not updated their new address with the Surry County tax office.

Commissioner Gary Bell had expressed some concern about demolishing the house if the owners had not been notified, but Boaz assured Bell that the property owners had been notified; as a return receipt had been received from a certified letter sent on behalf of the town.

The property owners claim they only found out about the dwelling being demolished after, “they were notified by some family members who still live in the community and read about the issue in the paper,” said Boaz.

Originally, the owners had 30 days after the Feb. 13 meeting to vacate the house, according to Boaz.

However, the town has given the owners 60 additional days to do one of two things, get the property up to code or demolish the property.

Demolishing the property is something the owners have agreed to do if they do not get the house to code before the deadline, added Boaz.

The cost to repair the house according to building code and permitting per North Carolina Building Code standards, would be expected to exceed 50 percent of the current value of the property, according to information provided in the agenda packet from February’s meeting.

The structure value is listed at, $22,530, according to Surry County North Carolina tax records.

Current violations of the housing code include no potable water service since 2005, no apparent electrical service, no heating or air conditioning, the roof edges have deteriorated and rotted and sections are missing, the entire gutter system is absent, exterior windowsills are showing signs of deterioration from weather exposure, exterior walls and foundations are not substantially weather tight, gable vents and siding have extreme overgrowth, also the house has been vacant for more than 10 years.

The dwelling at 121 Howard Street dwelling at 121 Howard Street
Town extend’s grace period to property owners

By Eva Winemiller

Reach Eva Winemiller at (336) 415-4739 or on Twitter @ThePilotNC

Reach Eva Winemiller at (336) 415-4739 or on Twitter @ThePilotNC

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