Citizen voices concern about healthcare costs

Dear Editor,

Fourteen years ago I underwent a liver transplant. At the time I only had traditional Medicare, which meant I was responsible for 20 percent of an expensive medical bill. That experience is what prompted me to find Medicare Advantage.

In 2010 $200 billion in funding was cut from this program, which caused the cost associated with Medicare Advantage plans to increase. As a result, the people who need Advantage plans the most, America’s seniors, are finding healthcare unaffordable once again.

I am concerned that if more cuts are made to the program Advantage plans will provide no real benefit to policy holders. When I first started with Medicare Advantage I had no premium, but it has increased to $42 per month. I also have a $75 annual deductible, in addition to co-pays for every doctor’s visit and prescription. When you’re a transplant recipient, like me, there are lots of medications and doctor’s visits to account for! It is essential that the funding for Medicare Advantage is preserved, so I can continue to get the care I need at a reasonable price.

Millions of seniors depend on Medicare Advantage for access to affordable medical care. I urge Congress, and especially Rep. Walker, to resist any efforts to eliminate funding the Medicare Advantage program. America’s seniors will be watching and voting accordingly in the upcoming election.


Bradley Kennedy

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